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Engineering Forms & The Correspondent








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Engineering Forms and The Correspondent
8 drawings, performance, text, typewriter.
IInstallation view. Lautom Contemporary, October 2009.

Press release from Lautom Contemporary, Oslo, October 2009.

Toril Johannessen has for this exhibition reproduced technical papers that were used for construction drawing before digital 3D software came in common use. These illustrate millimetre papers and a particular kind of technical papers for drawing perspectives her father developed and sought to get patented more than 20 years ago, a type of engineering papers that proved to already be in production by a German manufacturer.

Toril Johannessen’s work is presented as an installation and performance, 8 drawings of millimetre papers and perspective drawings hang next to a desk with a typewriter. At the opening Johannessen retells the story about her father’s efforts to develop what proved to be a copy of something already existing and mass-produced. This story will for the rest of the exhibition be available to the public through machine written documentation of the artists story and her conversations at the opening.