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Impossible Pictures








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Impossibe Pictures

Colour chalk drawings and digital print. 21x29,7 cm

Installation detail from the exhibition Teleportation Paradigm at Unge Kunstneres Samfund. Photo: Vegard Kleven.

Impossible Pictures is a series of doodle-like color chalk drawings based on drawings I made as a child. In the drawings I wanted to
conjure an image of the inside of my head. I wanted to draw how I felt my own brain, starting from a sensation that my brain created
its own colors and abstract shapes, like internal pictures with no external referent. These internal pictures could have been emotions;
memories; after-images on the retina, or perhaps maps of the brain, a cross section of what I imagined my brain to look like, as something
spatial, as firing neurons, as a physical impression of the brain itself. In retrospect, the question of what I actually wanted to describe is
still unresolved. The drawings in Impossible Pictures are made using the same ambiguous methodology as I did as a child. The grids are printed
on top afterwards, as an analytical tool to indicate the positioning of the colors and shapes as they were experienced to be placed inside
my head at the moment when the drawings were made.